COOKINg Japanese Dishes by food wastes


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"Mottainai" & "Sharing"

In Japan, we have a word "Mottainai" which conveys a sense of regret concerning waste.

"Mottainai" means roughly “What a waste!” or “Don’t waste". Even though we have the word, we've wasted so many foods every day in Japan as well as other developed countries. If we use our creativity and imagination, we don't use a phrase "Mottainai" anymore.

1) Collect Ingredients

If you have any ingredients you don't need any more, please kindly donate it.
(As my thank you, I will write your name in Japanese character in caligraphy.)

2) Cook Japanese Dish

Japanese dish is colorful in both taste and appearant ways.
Japanese food is not only Sushi!

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Why CrIstiania?

Christiania has long history for recycling and reusing materials to stop wastes through long and various perspectives. They also opend one of the first organic vegetable stores in Denmark.

Learn more about Christiania here


How I relate to Christiania-

I had researched on Ecovillages in Denmark when I was a master student. I did interview with people who live there including in Christiania. Since then, I've been interested in their history, philosophy and activities.