Born in Japan, developed in Denmark

Professional Career is on Linkedin

Last 2 years, worked at Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo as public diplomacy employee. Achieve to reach more than 20000 followers on Twitter and 4000 fans on facebook. Currently working as freenlance translator (JP-EN). 

How I relate to Denmark

Since I was 20 years old, my heart has been caught by Denmark.

Impressed by Danish well-balanced society, e.g. welfare system, work-life balance, education, organic and environmental initiatives, flexicurity etc..

Besides I always enjoy being with Danes. They are opened, honest, matured and grounded to the earth from my eyes.

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Translate between

Japanese and English

Lecture about Japan

Cover overall topics

Especially about education, culture and lifestyle


Write a colum about

Japan and Denmark


Have beautiful Sushi and magical Japanese dishes


Danish embassy in Tokyo and Denmark 

Japanese TV program introduces Danish embassy in Tokyo and Denmark. Take a look how Denmark has been shown in Japan! (I've supported to make this program :)

A Life in Japan

How Japan is seen from people who are from other countries. Interesting to know it through their lifestories.