In June 2016, I conduct a project "Cooking Japanese dishes by food wastes" in Christiania.

I cook and share a meal with someone (maybe you? :) Kindly find more from here

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THE LOCAL DENMARK kindly wrote an article about my project, here!

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Event information

Besides the project, I will make small events as folloiwng.

I hope to make this one month more interesting, meaningful and unique. About detailed information for each event or any request you may have, please feel free to contact me!

Play with Origami

June 01, 2016

13:00~, Free

Use your creativity to play with Origami. Kusudama, crane, box.. possiblity is wide opened!

Make Sushi Together!

June 04, 2016

【Reservation is closed】

11:00~, 50kr

Let's make maki-sushi together! Some favors for you:

* Please bring any ingredients you don't need anymore at home (e.g. vegetables, cans, eggs)

* Please bring any ingredients you want to try for making sushi
* Please bring your sushi mat if you have
* If you don't have any, no problem. Just come and join!

For registration, kindly write me an email.

Nukazuke and Japanese pickles for everyday use

June 07, 2016

19:00~, Free

(We have potluck style dinner from 18:00. Feel free to join it too! Kindly bring one dish)

The art of Japanese pickling is not only the art of preserving food, but also a way of tying dishes together and turning a simple and quick dish into a proper meal. Some pickles can be done in less than an hour and with very little preparation, others require far more time, but will enrich your meals, both in terms of nutrition, variety, taste, color, and culinary understanding. Come and join the fun, and learn how to easily introduce pickling into your everyday cooking.

<What to bring>
- A few vegetables from your home (highly recommended: cucumber, and things like eggplant, carrot, cabbage etc.) 
- Food storage bags and glass or plastic containers, so you can bring back the “fruits of your labour”.

Potluck Party

June 09, 2016

【Reservation required】

18:30~, Free

Potluck- such a lovely gathering with food we cook! If you are interested in joining, kindly send me an email.

Find your favorite word in Japanese

June 10, 2016

15:00~, Free

Japanese is rich language which has variety of words and expressions.

Let's find your favorite word and write it in calligraphy. 

Onigiri and Miso soup

June 11, 2016

【Reservation required】

11:00~, 30kr

Easy, Tasty, Variety.. Onigiri(rice ball) is one of Japanese national foods as well as miso soup. Find your favorite ingredients for Onigiri!  Feel free to bring any ingredients if you like :) Kindly register by email.

Let's Talk Japanese

June 21, 2016

19:00~, Free
Want to speak Japanese? Come to speak! From casual conversation to discuss something, let's talk :)

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